Zachary Becker, HPD - Houston, Texas
“I would like to offer my enthusiastic endorsement of John Onofrey of Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspections.  As a first-time Houston home buyer, I was unsure of what to expect from a home inspector and the home purchasing process.  By the time the process was completed, I was nothing but thoroughly impressed with John’s knowledge and professionalism. 

Walking through the inspection with John was truly an educational experience.  I learned more about my home, construction, repair and maintenance in two hours than I had in twenty-eight years.  Not only was the inspection comprehensive and thorough, but everything was communicated and explained to me as the inspection was carried out, in terms that I could understand. 

The report which followed was equally detailed and coherent.  All of the items found in the inspection were clearly and concisely reported, and the report was delivered the same day.  Finally I want to say that in all my dealings with John before, during and after the inspection (which included a re-inspection and an unanticipated second re-inspection), he was extremely accommodating and consistently customer-service focused. 

In summary, I feel that the excellent professional service performed by Mr. Onofrey and his company Top 2 Bottom sets the example for the field.  Their quality service was invaluable in terms of the knowledge gained, which has served me well in the home purchase process, and I expect will serve me well as a new homeowner.  I have no reservations in offering my total endorsement of John Onofrey and Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspections. Anyone with any questions about Top 2 Bottom should feel welcome to contact me.

Megan Davidson - Spring, Texas
John did a great and thorough job! He was readily available and scheduling our inspection was quick. He was timely and explained all the "discoveries" of our new home thoroughly so that we left leaving confident about our purchase. Would highly recommend him to a friend as we hope to not move again! :o)

Jack Molho - Sugar Land, Texas
Sugar Land home inspector
In my over 25 years as a Realtor I have never come across a more professional and thorough inspector. Thank you John

Aaron Salinas - Houston, Texas
Houston home inspector
Chuck Pogue was the assigned contractor that completed the inspection for me... To put it in plain words. A true Professional that takes Pride in what he does! A+ If I had met him prior to going into contract on this home, I would have hired him to build me a custom home. It was a pleasure!

Ogden Myklebust III - Sugar Land, Texas
Sugar Land home inspection
Mr. Onofrey and Mr. Chuck completed my first home inspection with a spirit of excellence and thoroughness that is rarely seen these days. No detail was left unnoticed. If there was something noticed or suggested that was outside their work scope they made sure to bring it to my attention. I would highly recommend Top 2 Bottom Inspections to anyone and everyone! Thanks again guys! -Ogden

Fred Watson - Richmond, Texas
Richmond home inspector
John, I want to say thank you to you and Chuck, for doing an amazing inspection on the home at XXXX King Forest Ln, Richmond, TX 77469.  This was a superb report and I wanted to make sure this was highlighted.  Anytime I need an inspection performed, Top 2 Bottom will be my first choice.  Thank you again!

ViVian Fridley-Hereford, Ed.D. - Teacher/College Lecturer - Houston , Texas

Houston home inspection
“While you say that you strive to be the "best Houston home inspection company in Texas ," I believe you are.  Growing up with a dad who built houses, I recognized your knowledge was accurate.  I appreciated that you valued my questions and input, and spent time thoroughly explaining in detail--making sure I understood.  If you were not an expert on a particular point, you did not pretend to have the knowledge and potentially mislead me.  Instead, you directed me to that particular professional, and it was the best in the business, too.  As I e-mailed with questions after the inspection, you were not only efficient in responding, but you were thorough in answering.  You did not cater to my dismay with my builder; but rather were truthful, helping me to put matters in perspective.  Finally, being so discouraged with the number of problems in my new home, at that time I was suspicious of anyone in the housing industry.  So, I was on alert as to your knowledge and professionalism.  You passed the test!  The cost of the inspection was an "investment," not an expense.  You are top on my list of respectable businessmen.  Thank you so much!”  ViVian Fridley-Hereford

Eve Thompson, Realtor - Sugar Land, Texas

“John was very accommodating and very thorough. I appreciated his willingness to go out of his way to help the client.  I will certainly request his services again and refer him to other Realtors when possible.”

Michelle Abrate, - Houston, Texas
“We need more companies that provide services like this, that care about clients and that are professionals on their jobs.  Thank you for your services.”

Kris Anduar - League City , Texas

“Thank you John.  Again, you have done a great job and I appreciate the speed
and quality of your work.  It is a pleasure.  Respectfully, Kris Andaur.”

Lee Howell  - Houston, Texas
"I can't say enough but I'll sleep a lot better. Chuck Pogue of Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections was a pure professional that was a polite no-nonsense type of fella. Probably the best money that I have spent on our house to date. Thank you very much".  

Lee Howell

Bobby Sta Ana - Sugar Land, Texas
"Chuck Pogue and Top 2 bottom Inspections were very thorough and I feel like they did a really great job with my Sugar Land home inspection. I would like to ask about the roof and how is the best way to maintain it to keep it looking good? Thank you". Bobbu

Shama Rasheed, M.D. - Sugar Land, Texas
“John was thorough and prompt - he even took extra time to take more detailed pictures of the house for the overseas buyer. His report was easy to read and he was very helpful with other referrals (for a termite inspector/ contractor etc.).  I'd definitely refer more clients to him - his work is worth it!”

Vernon Babilon, CFO Shell Employees Federal Credit Union - Houston , Texas
“My wife and I are relocating to the Houston , Texas area from Pennsylvania .  As a result of the climate difference there are many items regarding operation of a home that are not the same as in Pennsylvania .  Following his full inspection of our purchased residence John spent a great deal of quality time explaining many issues about the house.  He was very thorough and his explanations were very clear to both of us.  He made recommendations above and beyond what was necessary just to assure our comfort and safety.  The final report was even clearer with accompanying photographs.  We highly recommend the services of Top 2 Bottom for residential inspection prior to committing to a purchase.  Thank you John for a job well done.”

Charles De La Rosa - Houston, Texas
"Once again I want say thanks for the quality Top 2 Bottom home inspection. I really appreciate all the time you spent explaining to me every little detail. I was worried that I was not going to understand anything you explained to me. But you took the extra time to break everything down to me in a fashion I understood.  I will for sure recommend you guys to anyone that I know that needs a Houston house inspected. You were very professional and courteous. If I ever need a house inspected  I will for sure call you guys. Again you did a great job and thank you very much. Thanks Charlie"

Julie Jones - Houston, Texas
“The (specifications of repair) report has enabled me to keep a better grip on the rehab job as we have progressed.  It has become my bible, so to speak, and I don't know what we would do without it.”

Vincent Flaviani - Houston, Texas
“Top 2 Bottom was not my original choice for a home inspection company, but given that they were very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable over the phone, I scheduled an appointment. When I met with the inspector he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I never thought in my wildest imagination that he would be as thorough as he was. I was extremely impressed with the way he communicated his report and would recommend his services to everyone I know that will be buying a home or needing an inspection in the future.”

Goke Akinniranye, Schlumberger Limited - Sugar Land, Texas

“My experience with John (Top 2 Bottom) as a home inspector was excellent. He handled the inspection of my house with high professional attitude and was always ready to answer my numerous questions even when it meant that he had to stop what he was doing. The fee that was charged was one of the best for my buck. A friend recommended him to me.   I will not hesitate to recommend him or his company to any of my friends. Very reliable and dependable.”

Michelle Parsons - Spring, Texas
Spring home inspector
“Top 2 Bottom was great! This is my first home and I didn't just want any inspector inspecting my home. I felt 100% comfortable having Top 2 Bottom do the inspection just from the first time speaking with them. I highly recommend them.”  

Renee Heyd, Telecommunications Coordinator – Input-Output Corp - Sugar land, Texas
“John Onofrey was very helpful and answered all our questions.  I really liked that he spent an extra few minutes going over everything regarding the pool with us.  He was friendly and did not mind our tagging along behind him either.”

Lisa Bobo - Houston, Texas

“The best inspection of a home I've purchased.  The knowledge and thorough approach by Top 2 Bottom was outstanding.  I know exactly what is needed to get my house in tiptop shape.”

Robin Sasko - Meadows Place, Texas
Meadows Place home inspector
“John Onofrey was amazing!  He was so friendly to our family, including our 3 yr old son who followed him everywhere!  We are glad to have had an inspector that was so thorough.  I will recommend everyone to him!”

Ernest Wells - Houston, Texas
“Top 2 Bottom was extremely thorough. The inspection gave me a great to do list of the fixes that were needed on my new 40 year old home. Thanks for your help.”

Trey Wirth - Houston, Texas
“Top 2 Bottom was fast and easy to work with. They were extremely thorough.  I feel I got a lot more than I expected. They were so good, it worked in my favor in my repair negotiations.  I will tell everyone about them.  I will use you guys in all my future inspections.  Thanks again!!  Trey.”

Reverend Victor Marte - Katy, Texas
Katy home inspector
“I got John’s number from the Internet, his website impressed me, it was very informative and well presented.   During the inspection John communicated to me in plain English the scope of the inspection.  The best part has to be the report; complete with pictures and all.  He promised he was going to send the report by 10:00 am next day, had it that same night.  You go John!”

Julie Balagtas - Sugar Land, Texas
“I'm really satisfied with the service and will highly recommend John Onofrey to my friends.”

My Phan  - Alief, Texas
Alief home inspector
“The work is very professional and prompt.  The report on the web was very prompt, to the point, and very helpful for my next steps in working with the seller.  Thanks.  My”

Alice Conwell - Houston, Texas

John was very professional. He answered all of questions and was quite thorough with the inspection. I would definitely refer him to others.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, National Renovation Center
"Wells Fargo Home Mortgage would like to thank you for doing a great job on the Thomson's property.  Our company received a wonderful response from the customer.  Thank you again, National Renovation Draw Clinic."

Angela Warren, Dental Hygienist - Fresno, Texas
Fresno home inspector
“Not only did I get my home inspected but the information I learned as a new home buyer was just super. I feel I can take this information and apply it when I buy my next home.  Also the inspection report was so professional words can’t even explain. I will refer Top 2 Bottom to everyone.”

Ron Kendall - Katy, Texas
Katy home inspection
“The home inspection was timely and thorough. Explanation during and following the inspection was informative. The follow-up report via Internet was very useful. Would recommend Top 2 Bottom services to others.

Diana Pham - Houston, Texas
Houston termite inspection
“John was FABULOUS!! He knew exactly what he was talking about and he took the time to explain to us what he was doing. Thanks for doing such a great job John, we would definitely refer you to our friends!!!!”

James Churaman, Mech. Eng. I.R.T.E. - Spring, Texas
Spring home inspection
“Our inspector, arrived on time, a very important part of today’s life.  He went about his outside home inspection with a dedication that showed he totally enjoyed his business, another factor to use a company like Top 2 Bottom. Step by step he gave explicit reasons for each part of his report.  I was glad to hear him say my house DID NOT have any major problems, but mainly cosmetic issues.  He also took time to show me some simple techniques to assist in exterior home maintenance.  I had done research before on Top 2 Bottom, and am happy to say they have lived up to their image as a professional business.  I have no hesitation referring them to you.  James Churaman.”

Alex Alfaro, Realtor - Houston, Texas
“The (Top 2 Bottom) inspections were the most thorough that I have ever attended with my buyer.”  

Juan Rojas - Katy, Texas
Katy home inspection
“John Onofrey was very thorough and we are very happy with his performance.  Even the homeowners whom we are buying from wanted his number.  I would definitely recommend him.”  

Tom Collins - Quality Control/Assurance KBR - Iraq
“I bought this house from Iraq.  That's long distance buying!  I always felt comfortable because John was on the job.”

Cristina Scott, Paralegal - Pearland , Texas
Pearland home inspector
“John was very professional and was able to answer all of my questions.  What I liked the most was, he went through the report with me explained each area as to what may be wrong and how to correct it.  It was nice to have someone take the time to do that and not look at me as just another job-get in and get out.  Thanks.”

Julie Heveran - Friendswood, Texas
Friendswood home inspector
“I was very impressed with the detail, professionalism and courtesy that John displayed during my home inspection.   This part of the purchase process is so important, especially to someone who does not know much about structure or internal home systems like plumbing and electric.  When John gave me my verbal report that day, followed up by a detailed written report, I was comfortable purchasing my new home.  My son has just put a contract on a home.  I recommended Top 2 Bottom immediately.  Thank you.”

Carol Jung - Sugar Land , Texas
“Top 2 Bottom was great.  I had an appointment scheduled within a day or so of calling John.  He was very thorough and knowledgeable.  I will recommend Top 2 Bottom to all my friends.”

Bill Langston, Teacher FBISD
“The inspector took the time to answer all of my questions without being distracted from his inspection of the property.  He made me feel very comfortable and made it easy to understand any of the problems with the property.”

Keri Jenkins - Houston , Texas
“John was very professional and thorough.  The report was easy to understand and the pictures were clear and concise.  I feel that I made an excellent decision in hiring Top 2 Bottom!!”

Mr & Mrs. Kumaravel - Houston , Texas
“Thank you, John the pictures were great and you made the report easy to read. We will contact you for our future inspection needs”.

Maria Llopiz - Katy , Texas
Katy termite inspector
“It was a great experience, our Katy home inspector was available immediately and did a great job, explaining every little detail of the house. Very professional and very fair price.”

Panos Sotiriades, CPA - Houston , Texas
“John Onofrey was very professional. I would recommend Top 2 Bottom Inspectors to anyone needing this service.”

Grace & John Bonaparte - Spring, Texas
“John, thank you for your detailed inspection of our new home.  It helped to make our move an easy transition.  We will certainly recommend your services.”

Normajean Aquiningoc   Certified Public Accountant - Houston , Texas
“John was very thorough with the inspection. I have dealt with other Home Inspectors and found John was very professional and was very helpful on questions I had. Its been a pleasure working with John Onofrey and Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspectors. Once again Thank-you very much.”

Stephanie Vaught, Judicial Support Specialist - Sugar Land , Texas
“Mr. Onofrey did an excellent job in the inspection of my new home.  I felt he was VERY thorough.  His verbal explanation was easily understood, and his timely submitted written report was most informative.  I would definitely recommend and use his services again.”

Starlite Williams, School Counselor - Houston , Texas
“Very detailed information and thorough.  Our Houston home inspector was very professional and patient when providing the info to me.”

Sandi Garcia & Adolph Reyes - Houston , Texas
“The inspection was excellent, our home inspector made me and my fiancé feel very relieved of all of our first time home buyers worries, I would definitely refer Top 2 Bottom services to any of my friends and family.”

Terri Burns - Houston , Texas
“I found Top 2 Bottom home inspections on the internet while researching my options for home inspectors. I chose them because they were not afraid to place a pricing line on their site. I was trying to buy during a hurricane and the delays because of that did not pose a problem for them. When the weather would let us, they were right there to do the inspections. Our Houston home inspector was very thorough and explained what he found in terms I could understand. He also suggested timelines for life expectancy on things that were OK now. (ie, water heater, roof, air conditioner) After the report, I feel confident in the purchase of my home and would recommend them to anyone needing their service.”

Perry Barefield - Houston , Texas
“I was very impressed with the professional attitude of John A. Onofrey and his forthrightness. To deal with someone whose professionalism exudes their personal insight is a rarity in today’s way of things. I will definitely refer this company to others; and feel very comfortable doing so.”

Scott Bucsanyi - Houston , Texas
“The company was very thorough and went beyond what I feel most would have gone to tell me issues about my home. I feel very good about my inspection and would recommend using Top 2 Bottom Inspections.”

Lowanda Green - Houston , Texas
“Hi John,....just wanted to confirm that I received my report okay and to thank you for coming out to take a look at the property.  It was truly a learning experience for me.  Additionally, I've had a couple of friends inquire of your services and I've provided them with your contact information.  You should be receiving a couple of calls, if you have not already.  Again - thanks much.  Take good care, Lowanda Green.”

Beverly Crane - Houston , Texas

“Our experience with Top 2 Bottom Home Inspectors was that they were very knowledgeable. We were so glad that we received the information that we did and in a very timely manner.  It helped us tremendously on the decision to purchase the house that was inspected. We will certainly use Top 2 Bottom home inspections again and recommend this company to our family and friends. Thank you for your service.”

David Timmons - Houston , Texas
“John was very thorough in his inspection of our home.  He found things that needed attention that we hadn't noticed and we were able to take care of them.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a thorough inspection of their Houston home.”

Olivia Gonzales, Real Estate Agent - Houston , Texas
“Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspectors was very helpful to get me a report ASAP for option period.”

William Lincoln - Fresno , Texas
Fresno home inspection
“I was pleased by the inspection because the inspector brought up issues I had not considered.  He answered all my questions thoroughly.  Also, he noticed some visual defects I did not see.  I would recommend him to my friends and family.”

Mike Martin, Realtor - Sugar Land , Texas
“Absolutely excellent service! I recommend Top 2 Bottom to all my clients and I only recommend the BEST Sugar Land home inspectors!”

Mark Anchondo - Houston , Texas"

Top 2 Bottom did an excellent job of inspecting my prospective house.  I would be happy to recommend them to anyone requiring this type of service."

Mrs. E. Howard - Houston , Texas  
"A family member highly recommended your Top 2 Bottom home inspection company for us to use in which I'm very glad we did.  You were very thorough, professional and had a wonderful personality. You answered our questions without making us feel rushed. I will recommend you again, you were a pleasure to work with.  Thank you,  Mrs. E.

Howard."Paula Basile - Sugar Land, Texas
Sugar Land termite inspector
"I would like you to know that I was very happy with your Inspection service, you saw things I would have never noticed."

James and Darleen Rees - Houston , Texas  

“John Onofrey took the time to explain everything to us, he went through every item
step by step.  The inspection was thoroughly and carefully completed. Our real estate agent remarked on the high quality of our home inspection.  This inspection gave us the assurance we needed to know we where making the right decision to purchase this house as our new home.”

Lacrima Cosnean - Realtor
"John is very approachable, experienced and thorough inspector. His services are competitively priced which makes it a win win for my clients. He is on time and can schedule inspections within the limited time we have as Realtors during option period, which I can say helps a lot during this crucial time of negotiations. Overall, I think he is one of the best guys in town!"

Allen L. - Richmond, Texas
Richmond home inspection
"I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation I received before, during, and following my inspection. John was very helpful in answering any questions I had during the inspection and giving pointers on how to rectify the problem areas. I called in at 5:30PM on Monday, they inspected my home at 1:30PM on Tuesday, and the inspection report was in my e-mail at 9AM Wednesday. A highly professional team in my opinion. "  Thanks, Allen

Albert Leung - Richmond, Texas
Richmond termite inspector
"We used John for a new home build 6 years ago and decided to use him again for a 2nd home being built. John does great and reliable work and would recommend him to others."

A. Scholebo - Houston, Texas
Houston termite inspector
"Excellent experience. John's inspection was very professional and I would not hesitate to use or recommend his services in the future."

Elizabeth Fernandez - Sugar Land, Texas
"Thank you so much for the inspection your a professional,and I would be more than happy to recommend you for home inspections. Blessings,Elizabeth Fernandez Ps Nick was great :)"

Shea Graham - Houston, Texas
"You did an excellent job John! Thanks for being patient w/ me as I was dealing with the builder also. You did a very thorough job and helped me find things I would have not noticed nor have known code about. Will have no problem suggesting you to others. You've done a great job for both me and my mother in our new house purchases! We kept ya fairly busy the past year or so! thanks again!" Shea Graham

Martin Skoda - Houston, Texas
"Thanks for your good work and the mini lesson in home inspection. "

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