We have saved our clients thousands of repair dollars with our discoveries during inspections of both newly built and pre-owned homes.  We have provided buyers negotiating leverage from their Houston home  inspector to use in the home buying process.  It is in the home buyers best interest  to secure a third party (disinterested in the outcome of the transaction) to provide an unbiased report on the current condition of the property. Our detailed Houston property inspection reports are generally available to our clients within 24 hours of the inspection via internet download (from any location) and include digital photographs with detailed captions and explanations. Depending on client availability, our inspectors  make every effort to provide a verbal report either on-site or at a location of the clients choice.

Construction Phase Inspections
We offer three phases of inspection for newly constructed homes being built in and around Houston, Tx. 

The foundation form inspection is conducted prior to pouring concrete and includes measuring the levelness, slope and integrity of the foundation form boards, visual inspection of the moisture barrier, beam and pad depth, reinforcing steel and approximately 75 other inspection items involving the foundation forms and it's components.

The pre-drywall inspection focuses on the structural framing, poured foundation, roof structure and mechanical rough-in.

The final inspection is conducted when the builder is finished with the home and generally about week prior to closing.  This is a complete structural, mechanical and electrical inspection of the home and helps to make sure that your home is ready to move into without any major problems.

Pricing is unique to each project.  Call us at 281-565-4677 for a free quotation.

Builders 1-year Warranty Inspections
Most Houston home builders will correct many deficiencies on a new home up to one year after purchase. A new home is just like a new car.  After the warranty expires, it is too late to go back to the builder to correct any defects.  Before this time limitation expires, it is important that the home owner identify any problems or potential for problems and bring them to the attention of the builder. Hire an experienced Professional Houston Inspector to create your punch list for you and present it to your builder with credentials.  Many home owners can easily identify most cosmetic problems. Unfortunately, cosmetic problems are not usually the the "big ticket" items that may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. Having a Professional Real Estate Inspector as your advocate during this crucial time can save you lots of cash and heartache. No home is perfect. Having an Inspector advocate on your side is money well spent.

Pre-Sale Inspection
Today, more and more home sellers are having their homes inspected prior to the sale of the home! Why would they do that? Here are some very good reasons:

#1. Eliminate surprises - remove the possibility and potential embarrassment of the buyer, their agent or inspector from finding problems with the property that you were unaware of, possibly leading to a good deal gone bad.

#2. Negotiating leverage - When you have identified the problems up front you can choose to correct them or negotiate on the final price. In either case, you are in control of the price negotiations knowing the true condition of the property. Ask yourself if it's smart for potential buyers to know more about your property than you do.

#3. Less hassle - eliminate last minute repair hassles that could delay closing. No more surprises.
Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Inspections and WDI Reports (Termite Reports)
We are certified and licensed by the State of Texas to perform Houston Termite inspections.  Completing a competent Wood Destroying Insect inspection and official report takes experience, attention to detail, and knowledge.  We can schedule your Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect inspection to take place during the same time as your home inspection.  If termites are discovered don't worry.  We are BASF partners and Termidor Certified Professionals.  We can propose and provide an effective and long lasting solution to control and eliminate Wood Detroying Insects.

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Buyers Inspections
Many of our Houston home inspections are performed for individuals interested in purchasing a pre-owned or newly constructed home in Houston and the surrounding areas.  When buying property, most purchase contracts are contingent upon the condition of the property at the time of purchase.

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Free Use of Thermal Imager with Home Inspection

Mention this coupon when calling and  scheduling your home inspection to get free thermal imager use.  Offer good for residential inspections only.
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Note:  The use of a thermal imaging tool assists the inspector with confirming suspected deficiencies such as moisture intrusion, electrical hot spots and missing insulation.

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