Free Use of Thermal Imager with Home Inspection

Mention this coupon when calling and  scheduling your home inspection to get free thermal imager use.  Offer good for residential inspections only.
Discount ID: thermal
Note:  The use of a thermal imaging tool assists the inspector with confirming suspected deficiencies such as moisture intrusion, electrical hot spots and missing insulation.

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Our Houston Commercial Inspection Services

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Before buying any Houston commercial real estate it is crucial to perform a comprehensive Property Condition Assessment (PCA) to understand the property conditions in accordance with ASTM E2018 standards and/or generally accepted construction standards.  Your Due Diligence should include a walk-through survey, property condition assessment and property condition report (PCR) as a minimum.

Whether you own or are considering purchasing a multifamily complex, commercial or industrial space, stand-alone building or storage facility, Top 2 Bottom Inspections offers a comprehensive inspection, based on the ASTM E2018 standards, that details your buildings drainage, structure and system components.

Our Houston Commercial Inspectors will come to your property to perform a careful walk-through survey to identify the physical deficiencies of the buildings structural, mechanical and electrical systems and components. We'll work hard to get you the information that you need to make smart decisions regarding your potential investment.

Our Houston Commercial Inspectors have a wealth of training and experience to create a property condition assessment and report of your Houston commercial space.  For specialized systems and requests, we can partner with licensed specialists and provide complete oversight of your inspection project.

Once our inspection is complete, Top 2 Bottom Inspections will give you a detailed summary, explanation and written report and offer advice as to the best course of action with regard to buying or repairing the space.  This can come in handy for budget purposes or property contract negotiations.  Most of time this benefit far exceeds the cost of the inspection.

Our team of experienced Houston commercial inspectors work with our many field contacts to provide specialized inspections tailored to your specific needs.  Top 2 Bottom Inspections has a proven track record of providing significant, thorough and accurate reporting to satisfied clients. 

Don't go blindly into your new building. Now is the time to understand exactly what it is that you are buying.  Know what you're getting with the help of a Top 2 Bottom commercial inspection! Call us today at 281-565-4677 for a free quote.

We service all Commercial inspection needs in and surrounding Houston, Texas.

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